HK Cleanup is a voluntary organization devoted to cleaning up the streets, beaches, and parks in Hong Kong. In 2015, their goal is to get 150,000 volunteers to join them. By showing humans as ants, this series of posters encourages Hong Kong people to work together to clean up the trash, and make the City a nicer place to live.

清潔香港HK Cleanup)為一個志願團體,致力提倡香港街道、海灘及公園清潔。2015年,其目標為召集150,000名義工加入其中。這一系列海報透過把人類化身螞蟻  ,彰顯團結的力量,鼓勵香港人攜手清理垃圾,讓我們的城市變成更美滿的安居之所。