It is hard for young fashion designers to compete with the big boys in Hong Kong. But our idea allowed them to fight as a collective. By simply itemizing competitors collections that recommended each other in store we helped create an experience for customers, with a quick QR scan for suggestions and directions.

在香港,許多年輕時裝設計師都很難與大品牌抗衡,但如果,是將這些時裝設計師團結在一起呢?所謂多一個敵人不如多一個朋友,透過在產品上印上QR CODE,向顧客推介其他設計師店鋪的產品,將小店連結起來,便能給顧客帶來比逛連鎖時裝店還要豐富的購物樂趣。