This ultimate name and shame campaign for littering in Hong Hong Kong got massive international attention from reporters at Wired, Fast Company, Trendhunter, Vice, CNN, Bloomberg and USA Today. By extracting DNA from litter samples we were able to recreate facial composites and place them back at the scene of the crime.

這個單靠名字就足以讓垃圾蟲心驚膽怯的宣傳活動,經WIRED連線雜誌、FAST COMPANY雜誌、TRENDHUNTER網站、VICE雜誌、彭博新聞社、今日美國報廣泛報導後,贏得國際關注;透過抽取垃圾上的DNA樣本,我們能夠將亂拋垃圾者的容貌還原出來,並張貼在案發現場以儆效尤。