We merged two of the most popular apps in HK: WeChat and Nike+ into NIKE WECHAT+, to partner with women along their journey. It included a personal 8 week training program, performance monitor, networking tools, GPS tracking, news updates, content sharing and unlockable reward features to prepare and transform each runner for their big day: NIKE HK WOMENS RACE 2015.

我們破天荒將兩大最受歡迎的手機appWeChat」和「Nike+」合而為一,成為全新「NIKE WECHAT+」,伴隨全城女士展開偉大旅程。手機程式包括八星期個人特訓計劃、表現監察、連繫工具、GPS記錄、最新消息、資訊分享,以及解鎖獎勵功能,務求幫每一位跑手達至最佳狀態,準備迎接屬於她們的大日子:Nike香港女子跑步賽2015